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EightBit.Me is a collection of 8,888 NFT’s that are generated by countless 8-bit themed traits. Within the collection, there are rare outfits, items, and more surprises.
EightBit Homes
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Roadmap: Season 1

NFT Mint

A collection of 8,888 generative Bits


Some Bits have a trait called “Perk”. Perks are free IRL benefits deciphered regularly


Check out all the beautiful Bits from head to toe


Hoodies, hats, and more!

EightBit + Turf

A collab coming to you soon


Customize your Bit


Receive new traits for your Bit

Our Origin Story

Back in 2010, we launched the original 8-bit avatar creator. Before a world of punks and apes, our app let you make a virtual 8-bit version of yourself. Check out it out in action here.
Original Launch
Our goal is plain and simple: We want to have fun. We’re builders at heart and want to make EightBit a very interactive project both online & offline.

Meet The Team

Addison Kowalski
Courtney Guertin
Amadeus Demarzi
Jamie Lottering
Ed Bromke

Helpful Links

EightBit DiscordEightBit TwitterClassic EightBit PFP Generator


What is EightBit Me?

EightBit Me is a collection of 8,888 profile picture NFTs that are generated by countless 8-bit themed traits. Within the collection, there are rare outfits, items, and more surprises. In addition to the beautiful Bits, some Bits hold free IRL perks. The team is working on ways to customize, interact, and have more fun with your Bit!

How did EightBit Me get started?

EightBit Me originally started in 2010 when Addison made a few 8-bit profile pictures of his co-workers at Digg. Courtney suggested they build a web-based generator so anyone could create their own avatars and pulled in Amadeus to help build it. After a few years the EightBit Me generator and app got put on pause. Fast forward 12 years and the team is back building in the same spirit with new ideas.

What is the future of EightBit Me?

The future of EightBit Me includes more customization of your Bit, and more ways to interact with it. See Roadmap: Season 1 above for more info. We want to build with the garage door open but under promise and over deliver. We are constantly asking the community for feedback and suggestions to make the project as awesome as it can be. You shape the future of EightBit Me, hop in our discord and mold the future Bits!

What are perks?

Perks are a specific trait that some EightBits have. Perks unlock free IRL rewards that can be redeemed by the holders of the Bits that have a Perk trait. Not all Bits have a Perk trait, but all Bits will be able to participate in all the upcoming adventures the team is working on. While Perk traits are fun, they're not the only reason to hold an EightBit character. Perks are only a small part of the journey together. Learn more about Perks here. Bit by Bit...

How can I view my full body bit?

Visit eightbit.me/bit/7507 or by connecting your wallet on eightbit.me and viewing the closet.

Where can I get more frequent updates from the team?

We love the Bit community! We are extremely active in our Discord on Twitter and host regular Twitter Spaces to give updates and answer any questions you might have.

How is the team using the money raised from the mint and royalties?

The team is using the money raised from the mint and royalties to hire additional full-time employees to build more, faster. We are builders at heart and want to bring you a great interactive project.

What rights do I have for the artwork of my Bit?

As a holder you get full commercial license to your EightBit NFT. We are super excited to see what you do with it!

Are there contests? What are the prizes?

Community engagement is super important to the EightBit Team. We hold frequent contests and collect lots of feedback to help co-discover the future of EightBit. Past contests include best meme and a merchandise design contest, but look for more to come. Prizes for each contest are determined by the Team, but it's even been possible to win a Bit!

Will there be meetups or events?

Yes! We will have both team & community organized meetups. Please check the Discord for more information.